AZSportsnetworks List of AIA 1-3A Thursday, 9-08-2022 Week 4 FB Live Streams

Dear Football Fans:

Here is a complete list of live streams for the AIA 9-08-2022 Week 4 FB season! If you have any updates please let us know! All inks are video unless otherwise noted and we also give all links if more than one place is doing the game.


AZSportsnetworks AIA 2-3A Thursday Games:


Eastmark vs ALA-GN

2nd link

GC vs PC

Heritage @ Madison Highland

Shadow MT vs Independence

Chino @ Maryvale

Trivium Prep @ NFL Yet

Youngker @ Odyssey

Coronado @ St Johns 

Carl Hayden @ Tempe

Dysart @ Thunderbird

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