AZSportsnetwork Presents: From the Desk of JP the Wildman: AIA 1A FB Prep Notes

JP the Wildman brings you daily AIA 1A FB Prep Notes

Hello 8man football fans!

We are back!

Our “From the Desk of”… series is starting up again and we are exciting to get thing rolling today!

So without much fanfare lets get this party started!


Ray HS Forfeits:

Because of a fight between Ray and SanManuel last Friday where almost all but 2 players

got kicked out of the game this weeks game vs Ft Thomas will be forfeited! From what I

was told only like 2 players and 1 coach are available for this weeks game vs Ft Thomas.

Ft Thomas:

Ft Thomas was the last team in 1A to not have a win but now that Ray has to forfeit the

game because they do not have enough players Ft Thomas will now get a win. I know they

would’ve loved to have gotten the W on the field but a win is a win and hopefully things can

get back to former years before the pandemic when they were very competitive in 8-man.

San Manuel:

So San Man plays Baboquivari this week but the question is how many players did SM

lose in the game for Ray. We know players were involved in the skirmish but because they

have near 30 players they had enough players to continue the game where Ray did not. So

the question is will they be playing Babo in a game with mainly a JV squad? That is the

question and Babo if half-way healthy should be able to win this game if SM is not at full

strength. This can really have an affect on the AIA rankings for all teams. Stay tuned for

updated info.

Cicero Prep:

We were on this team before any other organization. One thing to note heading into this

last weekend as the playoffs are set by the AIA is that Cicero has finished all of their games.

This means they will either stay where they are at or move up and down based on what other

teams do this Friday in the final round of 8-man games. They should have a very good seeding

but since they will not be a top 4 seed will be traveling.

Injury Updates:

Just so you know we are NOT divulging secret info on any of these injuries so please do not

DM me please. If you do I will pass along the info to “DIRK” and he can respond on behalf of


Williams: It is well known that their QB got injured which is likely a concussion this last week in their

loss to Mogollon. This means he will not be available vs El Capitan. Hopefully he will be ready to

go for the playoffs especially if they get a top 4 bye. Look for Logan to be at QB like he did vs Mogollon

but that can change with a week of practice available to HC Brownlee.

Superior: Their QB also go injured this last week vs Hayden. He has a broken collarbone and will be out

for the season. This is a hard hit entering into this weeks game as well as the playoffs.


As I have posted before the top 4 teams according to Maxpreps rankings the AIA uses will get the

the top 4 seeds which in turn get a bye for the 1st Round of the playoffs. However, this means there is a

possibility that one region winner may not get a bye. Stay tuned for the rankings today and we will explain

what this means for those top 4 seeds.


Once the rankings are out today we will do another prep notes and concentrate on the rankings and upcoming

playoffs so stay tuned for these notes later this afternoon.


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