AZSportsnetwork Presents: AIA 1-3A FB 12 Hour Marathon Media Day

Dear Coaches/Admin/Fans:

AZSportsnetwork is once again breaking new ground as we are doing a 1-3A Football Marathon Media Day! Yes you heard it right 12 hours of non-stop small school football across the State of Arizona by yours truly JP “The Wildman” Saturday, August 6th, 2022 starting at 5:45am!



Listed below you will find time slots for every single 1-3A football team across the State of Arizona. These are 10 minute time slots which I have found is plenty of time for coaches to brag about the upcoming season. FOR NOW we are organized 1-3A and we go into the midnight hour IF all of the teams call in. IF NOT then I will be talking about those programs myself and believe me I will have fun discussing the programs of the coaches who choose not to call in.

IF your time does NOT WORK for you please email/DM me at my twitter or email account and I will try to fit you in based on the no-shows I may have however I advise if the HC cannot make it then have an asst or even a parent take the time to call in. We will be doing rapid-fire 10 minute discussions and while you get rest once you are done I will be going non-stop for 12 hours to show why AZSportsnetwork has always been and continues to be the top in small school sports in the state of Arizona Bar None. As we alway say as part of our Motto, “Imitated by Many~ Excelled by None”!


We will call the coaches. So we will need your number ahead of time and this is done in order to stay away from prank phone calls. Once you are on you will be introduced and basically you can talk about your program and players and the upcoming season. I may ask questions myself but it is all related to shining a light on your program/players.



I have set it up by already knowing what teams I may not be able to get in touch with so those teams are in the early morning hours and the later times. I know this seems messed up BUT I have been doing this since 2006 and some programs are just hard to get in touch with so I need to make this schedule based on that situation. As the week goes on before Saturday IF it seems a team will not be on if you need an adjustment then I can help. As of now this is how it stands as I understand practices do go on during Saturdays. It is pretty easy to do this interview from your practice as well. As of now it will be audio only because of the ease of an audio interview compared to face time. If you want a player to speak that is fine as well. If you have any questions please let me know. Please remember this will will be a 12 hour LIVE MEDIA DAY so you can chime in throughout the day and listen. During the time a coach doesn’t fill a spot I will discuss that program.


I am also sending this to every HC/AD school email. A link to the media day will be placed on this site closer to Saturday. These interviews will be recorded and posted on our site for later listening. our email:



AIA 1A Football

8:00am-8:10: Hayden
8:20am-8:30: Desert Heights
8:30am-8:40: Salome
8:40am-8:50: Bagdad
9:00am-9:10: Ray

9:10am-9:20: Williams

AIA 2A Football
9:25am-9:35: Alchesay
9:35am-9:45: Holbrook
9:45am-10:00: Highland Prep

10:00am-10:10: Mountainside
10:10am-10:20:Trivium Prep
10:25am-10:40: Tonopah Valley
10:40am-10:50: Heritage Academy
10:50am-11:05: Veritas Prep
11:05am-11:15: Sequoia
11:15am-11:30: Sequoia Pathways
11:30am-11:40: Gilbert Christian
11:40am-11:50: Arete Prep
11:50am-12:00: San Tan Charter
12:05am-12:20: Miami
12:20pm-12:30: NFL Yet

AIA 3A Football
12:40pm-12:50: PRCA
12:55pm-1:10: Palo Verde
1:10pm-1:20: Monument Valley
1:20pm-1:35 Winslow
1:35pm-1:45 Valley Christian
1:45pm-2:00 Fountain Hills
2:00pm-2:15: Tempe
2:15pm-2:30: Coolidge 
2:30pm-2:45: Mohave
2:45pm-3:00: Florence
3:00pm-3:15: Paradise Honors

3:15pm-3:25: Kingman
3:25pm-3:35: ALA-Ironwood

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