AZSportsnetwork Arizona Coach Magazine Coming January 2023! Complete Details Inside!

AZSportsnetwork Arizona Coach Magazine Coming January 2023! Looking for Coaches-Admin to contribute articles!

Dear AZSportsnetwork Fans:


Since 2006 if you have followed us I have been saying for a long time that we have many coaches in the State of  Arizona who many do not know about but have great expertise to share with all of us in many sports. With this in mind we are happy to announce our first step in trying to bring coaches in our state to the forefront to help showcase all coaches from Youth-High School-College and even the Pros by producing a FREE Digital Magazine called: Arizona Coach Magazine!


This Coach Magazine is exactly what it states: A magazine where coaches in the State of AZ will have a chance to publish articles in many different areas. So what are we looking for? Although we cover small school sports we welcome coaches from all coaching levels


Although I will be providing coaching content in many sports AZSportsnetwork wants you the coaches-AD-Admin to bring your expertise to our magazine. Since this is a free magazine we cannot pay but it allows you to get published where many will be able to get you exposure for yourself as a professional as well as promoting your program.


So what sort of articles are we looking for? There is NO LIMIT to the different areas we will allow in this magazine as long as it promotes the sports we love. Here is an example of a few ways you can contribute:


Your Philosophy

How to Run a Specific Program

Offense-Defense-Special Teams: Talk about your offense, Your defense, Special teams, OL/DL Expertise etc.

Strength and Conditioning: Weights-Speed/Agility/Diet


How to Deal With parents

How to Run Practices

Cheerleading-Dance etc.

The list is endless. We want coaches from Youth-JH-HS-College-Professional levels. This includes Athletic Directors  and Trainers. Whatever benefits our coaching profession. One area I will be targeting is coaches health! If anything Covid showed us coaches need to take care of themselves in all areas.


We will also list upcoming events for your programs as well as our classified section for available jobs around the state like we have been doing since 2006.


We would like Arizona Coach Magazine to be Bi-Monthly but if we do not get enough contribution from the coaching community it may just be a Monthly Magazine. The 1st publication will be out January 10 to give coaches time to submit an article. If you are interested DM me at @AZSPORTSNETWORK.


Players: We will feature a PLAYERS area for each publication where players can talk about their training etc.


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